Hegemony: Philip of Macedon

Hegemony: Philip of Macedon

Conquer the ancient Greek world! Act now, before the Persians invade!
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Conquer the ancient Greek world! Act now, before the Persians invade!
With the full version of Hegemony you'll get 100+ historical objectives and access to the full map, covering all of Ancient Greece. That's a million square kilometres!

As soon as you place your order you'll be given a serial code to unlock the full game. If you already have the demo, you just paste this serial code into your game, and Ancient Greece is at your fingertips!

The seeds of power are forged by the bonds of friendship.

The Reconnaissance

In the creeping dusk, the group of young warrior companions stood quietly, silhouetted against the forested slope. Their demeanor was relaxed, expressing the ease of fast friends, having grown up together as they did in the royal court of Macedon.

The Dawn Surprise

As the moon passed its zenith, a solitary owl detected the slight stir of three hundred horsemen slipping from their hillside perch. Like a still breeze they began their silent ride down to the river. Concealed and insulated beneath versatile woolen cloaks, each companion bent forward to spread his weight evenly over the back of his horse.

To the Axios

Antigonus scanned northwestward to where fields and woodland climbed into mountain. He wasn’t expecting to spot anything. It had been quiet and every expectation was that the passage from the valley of the Strymon to the Axios River valley would go well.

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